Saturday , July , 02 2022

New Franchisee Registration

This Midas Gateway UserID registration form is for new Midas Gateway franchise owners only (new franchisees as of 1/1/2010). Shop Managers and Technicians should not use this form - see your franchise owner for access to the Midas Gateway.

Franchise Owner First Name:  
Franchise Owner Last Name:       
Owner MO Number:
(ex: MOxxxxx)
Shop Account Number:
(6 digit #)
Owner Zip/Postal Code:
Owner's Email Address:
Verify Owner's Email Address:

Once your account is activated, you will receive an e-mail with your user name and password. You may reset your password in the 'User Profile' area of the site once you have logged in. To add additional UserIDs for shop managers or technicians, click the 'Manage UserIDs' link after you Login.

NOTICE: You will have access to your account and sales information within the Midas Gateway, therefore, you should not share your UserID and Password with anyone who should not have access to this information.